Stand with UPMC Altoona Nurses:

Strong Union Contracts Build Healthier Communities!

As the nurses of UPMC Altoona bargain their union contract with UPMC, we, the residents of Blair County and people across the region, stand with our caregivers as they work to secure an agreement that prioritizes the highest standards of safety and care for our community.

UPMC is the largest private employer in both Blair County and in Pennsylvania, and receives billions of dollars from taxpayers — in tax exemptions, Medicare and Medicaid payments, and other subsidies. UPMC has a responsibility to partner with us to strengthen our middle class and ensure the highest standards of staffing and patient care.

When UPMC rolls back conditions for nurses, nurses leave to seek employment elsewhere. Inadequate pay and benefits and understaffing translates into vacancies and a loss of experience for us, the patients at Altoona.

We haven’t forgotten that UPMC promised us “health care of the highest quality” and great “civic responsibility” when they first bought Altoona Regional Hospital. UPMC has broken that promise. We can’t receive “health care of the highest quality” when there aren’t enough nurses to safely staff hospital units and when UPMC Altoona nurses leave the facility within the first year of being hired due to poor conditions.

We know that a $19 billion global health enterprise can do better. That’s why we’re standing with UPMC Altoona nurses and demanding that UPMC stop fighting to lower standards for nurses and our community, and instead invest its resources in improving quality care and providing quality jobs.

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